My brain on math. Big tests this week in all but one class. Apparently the “cool” thing to do is have multiple midterms now -__- #college #collegeproblems

Oh no! We have a lightbulb down! #chandelier #random

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If you aren’t old enough to remember 9/11 you should really shut your mouth.

Fall is here!

I’ve just made my first cup of chocolate coffee in my hello kitty halloween coffee mug. This is serious business. Now I’m going to go back to listening to Max Richter’s On the Nature of Daylight and sobbing over MyMathLab.

"Losers quit when they’re tired. Winners quit when they’ve won."

—  Anonymous


SITC Meme Top Five Males (5/5) - Micah Cartwright

I don’t think it’s really known by anyone, even people from the old rp, that Micah is and always has been my favorite guy. He’s is sexy and charming, smooth and classy, always at the top of his game and he just always had my attention. His back and forth with my main is kinda legendary because they both simultaneously had crushes on each other that always had someone in the way, but even through all that, they always had this connection that was more than just sexual chemistry, so Micah is very dear to me. He’s an insanely sensitive man with a tough shell and he loves his family and friends to the point where I know he would kill for them if he needed to. He’s a good man with a lot of heart and I always wanted him to find happiness. He’s so giving and caring and something about the way that he just is makes me a fan. I wish there were more men like him in the rp who were just confident and sophisticated without really needing to try too hard. I just really always loved Micah and I always will.


SITC Meme - Top Five Females (1/5) - Alina Jane Foxfield.

There’s a reason Charlotte calls Alina “Sweet Girl”. She is literally the sweetest, most innocent person here. She (through no fault of her own) can never seem to get things right because she has a Disney-like view of the world and though she keeps getting knocked down, she manages to hold on to her faith that things with eventually work themselves out. I love Alina because she is just that girl who everyone is at some point in their life and she is a pure soul and my hope is that things work out for her in the end cause I just wanna see this girl, who spends all her time dreaming of being happy while she does her best to make other people happy, find happiness herself.

#happybirthday to Squish #ilovemyhusband

One week into the semester and I’m like…


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Six Characters That Aren't Mine: Andrew Maelor {X}

Andrew from the LDN RPG is utterly amazing. He has so many layers that different people bring out in him and such a diverse back story that its hard not to want to hug the big guy.  The Mun is great and she is so easy to talk to.  I dont know how she handles so much but explains why her characters are so diverse.


I’ve never related to anything more

One (technically 1/2 which makes it even worse) week into my 2nd year and this is me. 

It’s here….the first day of the semester.

I’m clinging to Netflix for dear life.

Girl Crush → Four of ∞ → Julie Estelle

Things I’ve Seen Her In:

  • The Raid 2 (The Raid: Berendal)

Things I Plan To See Her In:

  • The Night Comes For Us



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